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Courtesy of Natalie Dee

Courtesy of Natalie Dee

Years of being the butt of the joke have culminated in this, a film dedicated entirely to the vegan cause. A trio of vegans, Spencer Campo, Matthew Goodwin and Eric Prescott haven’t got mad, instead they’re busy getting even. 

I’m Vegan is a series of short documentary profiles that will feature vegans from all walks of life. The project is being produced to address preconceptions about vegans and veganism. The profiles – or ‘vignettes’ – will be distributed for free over the web so that people can share the videos with family, friends, and visitors to their own sites.

It will be interesting to see how they counter the longstanding objections to veganism. I wonder how many converts they pick up on the way…

Click here to find out mooooooooooo-re!



  1. I like to see merchandise that says I LOVE A VEGAN not just I’m Vegan

  2. can´t wait for this documentary ! I´m vegan, too. (nice blog by the way, have a great day)

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